I have used First Rate Nannies & Sitters, twice and have been extremely impressed with the quality of service and caregivers they provide.
- Janet Willcox, Windermere, FL

Don’t bother doing it on your own. The decision is too important and Blooming Flowers Nanny’s and Sitters are truly the best.
- Sara Lieberman, Apopka, FL

As a first time mom, returning to work, and leaving my child in someone else’s care was difficult. Not only did First Rate Nannies & Sitters provide us with a selection of qualified candidates, but they also guided us through the process and details involved in being an employer.
- Charlene Beil, Clermont, FL

As a parent, you are always second-guessing the choices you make for your children. You always wonder if you are doing enough for your children, but the decision to use First Rate Nannies & Sitters, was never second-guessed. Thanks for the positive experience for me and my kids.
- Lisa Masters, Windermere, FL

Being very skeptical about using an agency, because I have never left my one-year-old son before outside of family, I am thrilled with First Rate Nannies & Sitters. They are professional and extremely trusting and caring. We love our nanny and we feel fortunate to have her.
- Emily Dalton., Davenport,Fl

Betsy goes above and beyond. She is everything we ever wanted and more!
- Linda Davis, Davenport, FL

First Rate Nannies & Sitters, found the perfect candidate for us in only a few days. It was great working with them.
Sheri Costanza, Clermont, FL

First Rate Nannies & Sitters, helped me find a qualified nanny quickly. I could not have been able to do it on my own.
- Christine Boyd., Lake Mary, FL

First Rate Nannies & Sitters, helped us feel confident and comfortable during the stressful experience of choosing a nanny. Everyone was helpful, professional, and reassuring.
Maurine Willmington, Lake Mary, FL

First Rate Nannies & Sitters, made our trip to Florida so memorable. My wife and me wanted a few hours of alone time to ourselves to reconnect. When we called upon First Rate Nannies & Sitters, they had a sitter over within the hour. Thanks so much.
Josh Grogan, New York, NY

First Rate Nannies & Sitters was very responsive and quick with offering the right candidate for the job. We are very happy with our sitter!
- Alison Kerrigan, Lake Mary, FL

Daphne took wonderful care of our twin boys and was able to get them on a feeding and sleeping schedule. We would definitely use her again.
- Bernice Matawan, Houston, TX

I just completed the evaluation form but wanted to send you a personal email to thank you for your amazing service. We absolutely love Mary! She has far exceeded all of our expectations. We cannot recommend Blooming Flowers Nanny’s & Sitters highly enough. The service was invaluable and our new nanny is amazing. Thanks again for helping nervous parents find their first and hopefully only nanny!
- Wendi Kavanaugh, Windermere, FL

I recommended your service to my friends, and I hope they end up using your excellent agency!
-Laura Winfield, Lake Mary, FL

I wanted to say Jimena is wonderful, she has just taken over and organized my entire house. Kyle just loves her, she is teaching him Spanish. I don't know how we survived without her. Thank you so much.
Cristal, Nichols, Altamonte Springs, FL

I was really impressed by Blooming Flowers Nanny’s Care's ability to quickly provide a number of very strong, relevant candidates. We chose the first person we met with. She's professional, hard-working and friendly-seems to be a perfect fit. Thanks Blooming Flowers Nanny’s!
- Altamonte Springs, FL Samantha Chandler,

Jan took care of our son as if he was her own. She is a very warm, nurturing person. We needed a baby nurse at the last minute to take care of my son when he came home from the hospital after illness. We were very stressed out due to Dylan’s hospitalization and Sharon found us a fabulous nurse immediately. This was the third time we used Blooming Flowers Nanny’s & Sitters, and we couldn't be happier with the service provided by Sharon!
- Cheryl Davidson, Houston, TX

My husband and I had a last minute New Year’s Eve event to attend. I called Blooming Flowers Nanny’s & Sitters and they had someone over to my house so quickly it was amazing. Thank you!!
- Dawn Tavales, Clermont, FL

Pamela was wonderful. She obviously loves babies, and they love her. She was a pleasure to be with. Thank you for providing us with such a professional, caring baby nurse.
- Jenny Fabian, Oviedo, FL

Thank you for finding us Kara Garcia to come work as a nanny on our trip to France. From the minute she met us at the airport at MCO, my husband and I have been nothing but delighted by her. She has been responsible, flexible and great company to the children as well as my entire family, who we’ve been staying with. Kar is responsible, honest and hard-working and I recommend her highly as a nanny.
- Elizabeth Reiser, Orlando, FL

Thank you so much for all of your help during the past two weeks. You made the nanny search much easier and saved us so much work!
- Hazel Ferraro, Windermere, FL

Thank you, so much Jenny was great! Not only did we have a person to teach us and guide us as first time parents, we feel we made a friend, as well!
- Deb Munson, Houston, TX

The best thing we did for our new daughter, ourselves and our sanity.
- Diana Westmont, Houston, TX

The customer service of Blooming Flowers Nanny’s & Sitters is outstanding. I felt the representative listened attentively to my needs. We could not be happier with our nanny.
- Cathy Roberts, Clermont, FL

This letter is to serve as the highest recommendation possible for Doris. Doris was our baby nurse. Initially she was only supposed to be with us through June but the level of service and care she provided to our daughter made it a “no brainer” to keep her on longer. They say children are the best judge of character and my daughter simply loved her. Doris treated her just like her own and took tremendous care of her.
- Ricardo Rodriguez., Pasadena, TX

We absolutely loved Helena. She was wonderful with the baby and she was a pleasure to have in our home! We had two Baby Nurse’s prior to Helena from another agency. There is no comparison! Helena is everything we wanted and more. I would definitely re-hire her. We miss her dearly!
- Laura Bull, Orlando, FL

We are very happy by the service provided by Blooming Flowers Nanny’s & Sitters. Our baby nurse was wonderful and she made the transition into parenthood very smooth.
- Irene Lutz, Clermont, FL

We have searched high and low for a childcare provider for our yearly corporate event. Blooming Flowers Nanny’s & Sitters, were heaven scent. The caregivers were extremely professional and our kids had a blast. Happy Kids equals Happy Parents!
- Lori Sheraton, Hoboken, NJ

Your service proves that you get what you pay for. The whole process was seamless and could not have been easier for me.
- Lisa Vasquez, Windermere, FL

Your thorough screening process saved me hours of playing phone tag with references as well as provided me with a comprehensive background check. Thank you for a great match and a smooth transition. I will recommend your services to everyone. No more ads for me, from now on it's Blooming Flowers Nannys!
- Cindy Westinghouse, Orlando, FL